Support Services

Support Services

Hairdressing and Barber Services

The beauty salon is located on the main floor for hairdressing and barber services. Minimal charges are made and are payable directly to the hairdresser either by the resident or through their trust account at the main office. Appointments should be made directly with the hairdresser who works Wednesday and Thurday of each week. Manicures are available on a regular basis – see the Recreation Staff to book an appointment.


A licensed Physiotherapist provides rehabilitation services to Kiwanis Care Centre residents. Our Physiotherapist is onsite, who works 2 days a week and works in conjunction with our rehabilitation assistant 3 days a week to provide evaluation and mobility programs for our residents.

Occupational Therapy

A licensed Occupational Therapist enables individuals to achieve and/or maintain an independent, functional and meaningful life through therapeutic interventions. An OT is responsible for evaluating the residents functional status and providing therapeutic activities or prescribing specialized equipment (e.g. wheelchair, hand splint) to enhance performance in self-care, work, and leisure.