Frequently Asked Questions:

If I think my parent or loved one needs to be in Kiwanis Care Centre how can I make this happen?

The Fraser Health Authority (FHA) manages admission to funded suites based on level of acute needs. Helpful link: “Planning For Your Care Needs: Helping in Selecting a Residential Care Facility” Fraser Health  

How long is the waitlist for accommodation?

Admission by Fraser Health is based on priority need of the individual and not on first-come-first served basis. Fraser Health manages a master wait list; therefore the wait length is unknown to us.

How much notice will I be given to plan for my family member’s move to complex care?

Usually only 48 hours from “bed offer” to admission. We understand completely that such short notice may be difficult for the family. We work closely with you to minimize the stress for everyone, especially our new resident who needs lots of support as he/she adjusts to new surroundings.

What does it cost to live at Kiwanis Care Centre?

Monthly rent charges are set by the BC Ministry of Health. The rent you pay is determined by your taxable income and is calculated at the time of your assessment. Any costs not funded by the Ministry of Health are the  responsibility of the resident and/or the resident’s family. Rents are due on the first of the month and payable by pre-authorized debit.

What happens if residents go to the hospital?

When residents are in hospital, the monthly rent continues to be charged as the room is reserved for the resident.

My parent has Alzheimer’s disease. Do you care for people with this condition?

Yes, Kiwanis Care Centre is a Complex Care Facility and provides care for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias plus many other age-related conditions.

Will my parent have to share a room?

Our facility has 59 private rooms and 8 double rooms. A shared room may be the first option available and then transfer is arranged to a single room when one becomes available and is appropriate.

Do you have nurses on duty?

Kiwanis Care Centre has qualified nursing staff (RNs, RPNs) and certified Care Aides on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My parent forgets to take her pills- will someone remind her?

The nurse on duty will ensure that prescribed medication is taken and noted on the health record. Our pharmacy dispenses all medications, and the nurse on duty administers the medication according to the doctor’s orders. Outside medication cannot be brought in.

My parent frequently gets lost- will someone help?

Kiwanis Care Centre is a secure environment. Staff are aware of and assist any resident who tends to wander. A “Wandergard” system is used at Kiwanis Care Centre to minimize elopements. This means residents at risk for elopement will wear a specialized bracelet that triggers the alarm at the door if they try to leave unescorted.

May I keep food in my room?

Small quantities of non-perishable foods may be kept in your room in air tight containers. Refrigerated items must be stored in the resident fridge in the unit dining area. Please make sure you have your name and date on these items. (Fridges are not permitted in resident rooms.) Thermoses can be filled with hot water at meal times.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcoholic beverages are allowed (with doctor’s permission) under staff supervision. Alcohol is not permitted in individual rooms; however, it may be kept at the nursing station and obtained upon request.

Is there a phone I can use? Can I make a long distance call?

Jacks for private telephone lines and basic cable vision are available in all rooms. There is a flat rate charged to all residents for cablevision. Residents are responsible for arranging and paying for telephone service and additional cable service packages.

Can we bring in our own furniture or bed?

Comfortable beds equipped with safety features are provided, as is a dresser and nightstand. However residents are encouraged to bring small accessory pieces of furniture to make their own room comfortable and familiar, as long as it does not cause a safety issue.

What kind of small appliances are allowed?

In the interest of safety, small appliances such as electric blankets, heating pads, irons and kettles are not permitted. Televisions, radios, and other electrical items must be approved for safety by the Maintenance Department prior to use.

May I bring a pet?

We regret that residents are not allowed to bring their pets to live with them. However, we do encourage visitors to bring their pets when dropping by. The following rules apply when a pet is visiting:

  • The pet is well behaved and healthy.
  • The pet has its own dish for water/food if needed.
  • The pet has up to date vaccinations.
  • The pet is on a leash.
  • The pet is accompanied by an adult.
  • Residents who are allergic to animals are alerted.

Any additional questions, comments or suggestions?

Please contact us by phone or email at:
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[email protected]
Telephone: 604-525-6471, Fax: 604-525-8522
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm, Weekends & Holidays 9:30 am-5:30 pm.

Or contact Fraser Health Authority at:
Home Help Service Line: 1-855-412-2121