Volunteers are a great asset to the Kiwanis Care Centre and play an important part in bringing the community to the Centre. You or your family members may choose to become a volunteer. In this way, you will help both your family member and other residents. Many families encourage their children and grandchildren to volunteer with us! Everyone benefits! Volunteers are recognized by their yellow name bars. Ask for a registration form from the recreation staff or download the forms from the Volunteer Application Forms section below.

The Role of Our Volunteers

  • To assist Recreation Staff with the preparation and delivery of recreation programs & events.
  • To communicate and co-operate with all members of the recreation team.
  • To provide residents with a link to their community.
  • To develop friendships with residents.

 How to Become a Volunteer

All of us at Kiwanis Care Centre value the contribution of our volunteers; they are an important and integral part of our Recreation Team, assisting staff in a non-competitive partnership. As such, all volunteers must meet the following criteria:

  • Prepare to make a commitment to the volunteer program.
  • Complete an application form submitted with personal and professional references.
  •  Attend an interview, based on the availability of a suitable placement.
  • Participate in a general facility orientation, as well as a department orientation and training.
  • Provide a criminal record check (mandatory for volunteers over 18).
  • Submit proof of a recent TB test. The cost of a new TB test is $40.00 and will be refunded to volunteers.

To set up an interview to become a volunteer with Kiwanis Care Centre contact the Recreation and Volunteer Services Coordinator at [email protected]

Volunteer Application Forms

For your convenience, we have downloadable pdfs of each volunteer application form. These forms can be filled out prior to an interview.